Is The CIA Nefarious, Or Clueless?

I agree with the Instapundit. The Plame/Wilson affair shows that the CIA was either running a covert op against the White House, or they’re totally clueless. Neither is good.

The people involved in planning and carrying out the Wilson trip need to be answering some questions themselves. Since Wilson blew the whistle on the operation in the New York Times there is no sense in trying to keep it undercover anymore. What were they trying to accomplish and why? And why were they unable to follow normal agency procedures while doing so?

If there were elements in the CIA that were running an operation against our own government, they need to be exposed and eliminated, though without “extreme prejudice” of course. Hopefully this is the case.

I say that because if the CIA is just totally clueless, then anything they tell us has be be viewed with skepticism. That not only includes warnings of danger but assurances of safety. After all, an intelligence agency that can’t tell us when we’re in jeopardy can’t ell us when we’re not. If they are this clueless then we are totally blind to what is happening in the world. Not a warm and fuzzy feeling.

As for Libby? Damn, man. Don’t tell lies to special prosecutors. That never works. The only defense against a special prosecutor is the one used with success by the Clinton White House in the FBI files investigation. Everyone takes the Fifth. That probably wouldn’t have worked in this case because the news media would have taken it as proof that something criminal had occurred and you’re the wrong political party for them to let that go.

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