We Mean What We Say

The Washington Post continues its quest to meld news reporting and DNC press releases into the same story.

First the DNC press release.

White House Ethics, Honesty Questioned

A majority of Americans say the indictment of senior White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby signals broader ethical problems in the Bush administration, and nearly half say the overall level of honesty and ethics in the federal government has fallen since President Bush took office, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News survey.

The poll, conducted Friday night and yesterday, found that 55 percent of the public believes the Libby case indicates wider problems “with ethical wrongdoing” in the White House, while 41 percent believes it was an “isolated incident.”

Then the actual reporting buried clear down in the last paragraph.

Most Americans believe Bush had nothing to do with the incidents that resulted in the indictment brought against Libby: 55 percent said the president was not at fault, while 12 percent said he probably did something illegal, and 21 percent said he did something “unethical but not illegal.”

It helps if you’re committed to working for the “greater good” rather than just reporting facts.

Two more “reporters” for my listing of lame political hacks. It’s probably not fair to them, a lot was probably added by the editor, but it’s their names on the byline so it’s them I’ll judge.

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