What A Great Idea

Bring Bridge Back to the Table – New York Times

Warren Buffett and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, another bridge enthusiast, have recently asked me to organize a bridge program for public schools. They know that the key to reviving bridge is getting children to play, and they are prepared to provide $1 million of initial financing for the effort.

Public schools should be thrilled with this proposition. Bridge embodies cooperation, logic, problem-solving and has even been linked to higher test scores among children. Who knows, the next Warren Buffett or Bill Gates might be sitting in a classroom somewhere waiting for someone to teach them the meaning of a grand slam.

So schools that are unable to teach children to read, write and do math are supposed to take time out of the day to teach kids to play Bridge? But wouldn’t that cut into to the time spent teaching self-esteem and appreciation for other cultures?

Kids might take up Bridge if Eminem or 50 cent told them it was cool. One partner could be the “playa” and the other the “ho”. But the only ones that would be impressed with Bill Gates or Warren Buffet would be the kids that are already doing well in school.

It looks to me like Ms. Osberg has a chance to pick up an easy million. She could probably use her inability to make inroads with students to squeeze another million or two out of Gates and Buffet.

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