Water, Water, Everywhere.

Happy Fourth of Junew Years!

We’re having a bit of rain here. Hmm, Oregon…winter…rain. Go figure.

The creeks are rising and the roads are sinking. We affirmed today that sheep can’t swim and they are too stupid to live. We have a flock out in a flooded field along I-5. Of course, everyone on I-5 has a cell phone and are deeply concerned about the fate of the poor meadow maggots. The sheep owner has been out there since early this morning trying to get them out of there. But they aren’t cooperating.

There’s something about bad weather. I’ve posted about it before. It affects people badly. You would think that your typical high school student would have learned enough English to be able to decipher a sign that says “R-o-a-d C-l-o-s-e-d” and “H-i-g-h W-a-t-e-r”. You would be wrong.

Right now I have the Fire Dept out with their Zodiac rescuing two people that failed to heed a “Road Closed” sign and are now perched on their vehicle in about 3-4 feet of water.

The police are down there stopping gawkers that are interfering with the rescue operations.

Back in 1996 we had to get a National Guard helicopter to rescue a guy off the top of his car when he drove around the barricades. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of that.

It’s still early enough and light enough that the newspaper ought to be able to get some pictures for tomorrow’s paper. They can publish a picture and the names of the dummies so that people can point at them and heap scorn and ridicule upon them.

Great! As we’re pulling people out of the water in one place, they’re driving around barricades in another. We don’t have enough people to put guards on the barricades. One road that is closed is a major “shortcut” coming into Albany. People just can’t be bothered to drive another 2 miles to take another route. They’d rather take a chance of being stranded in the water. Seems to me that having to wait for someone to rescue you would probably take longer than just taking the longer route.

Meanwhile, back at the scene of the first rescue, the gate to the park is closed, but people keep doing their Homer Simpson impressions by opening it and driving into the water. Somehow, lemmings come to mind.

Our newspaper made it a front page story on Sunday. They were nice enough to publish the names of the people in the pickup so that they can be ridiculed.

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