“Progressive” Jackboots

Midwest Heroes, Media Backlash

There’s a battle going on in the Upper Midwest. The press and the Democratic Party in those parts are pretty well committed to our defeat in Iraq.

But recently a group called “Midwest Heroes” have been running commercials in support of our efforts. The ads feature veterans of OIF as well as “Gold Star” families. For those of you who do not know, “Gold Star” families are families that have lost a loved one in the war. If you read the papers you will know that Cindy Sheenan has been termed to have “absolute moral authority” because of the loss of her son in Iraq. But unlike Cindy, these families support the war, which, unaccountably, lessens their moral authority in the eyes of the war opponents.

This has predictably infuriated the Democrats and the press who have reacted even more predictably. Instead of engaging in a dialogue, they have marshaled their supporters to write TV stations to have the ads pulled from the airways.

That’s right. When faced by dissent, the “progressives” first reaction is to crush it.

They even manage to get huffy about it. One paper, the Minnesota Daily, a college paper saying;

This manufactured propaganda once again showcases the Bush administration’s utter contempt for real democracy and the level it will sink to to sell their failing policies. It is interesting to note that according to a congressional analysis, the Bush administration has spent more than $250 million from taxpayers on “public relations” contracts during its first term, compared to the Clinton administration spent, which spent $128 million over the span of two terms.

The ads are funded by Progress for America, a 527, not the government and Clinton was neither fighting a war, nor was he facing a hostile press.

What they do is conflate the Bush administration and “Midwest Heroes” because they support the same thing, Victory in Iraq. If we accept that as valid then we also have to conflate the Democrats and the MSM with al Qaeda since they also support the same goals, our defeat.

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