No Computer Blues (Redux)

Arrived at work yesterday evening at 6PM and discovered that our computers were being upgraded again. They took them down just after midnight on the Tuesday night and were saying it would be 16 hrs. They came back up at midnight Wednesday night.

In the meanwhile we had to do everything on paper. We had to do this about a month ago, but the upgrade only took about 14 hrs that time. Of course that 14 hrs included the entire 12 hrs of my shift.

When the computers came back, we had to enter all the paper calls into the dispatch system and tweak the times to match. We were not done with this when I left at 6 AM.

Computers are great. They do things which allow us to see things we never had the time to notice before. One of our Fire Departments actually records the times down to the seconds. They also do things like automatically tell us cross streets, map pages and history. Things which we had to look up on paper or couldnt look at at all before.

It’s nice, but when they’re gone it’s almost impossible to keep up.

Unfortunately, like with most computer upgrades, we now have the ability to do fewer things than we could before. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, we will be capable of doing the same things we could do before the upgrade.

A few more of these and we will be using stone tablets and chisels.

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