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The Jesus cartoons

Another American university tackles free speech, and everyone involved embarrasses themselves — except the conservatives. A parable for our times.

World Net Daily broke the news yesterday that a far-left student newspaper at the University of Oregon — called “The Insurgent” appropriately enough — decided to publish 12 deliberately offensive cartoons of Jesus in their March issue. Why? Because the Oregon Commentator [update: link removed – see below], a conservative student newspaper at U of O, recently published the 12 Jyllands-Posten cartoons of Mohammed. The Insurgent wanted Christians to know what it felt like to have their religion insulted.
Because, really, what would Christians know about something like that?

These days, standard operating procedure in any campus free speech fracas calls for (a) offended students to whine about the injury done to their dainty sensibilities, followed by (b) third-party defenses of the offensive material for all the wrong reasons, resulting in (c) equivocation and/or outright censorship by the university administration, and hopefully ending with (d) the threat of a lawsuit by FIRE for all the right reasons. You’ll be happy to know with respect to the Jesus cartoons that the first three stages are already complete.

It would appear that, as usual, the lefties can dish it out but they can’t take it. This time they published some offensive (?) Jesus cartoons because a conservative campus newspaper had dared to publish the Danish Cartoons. Riots ensued.

No, wait, no riots, no arson, no murders. What went wrong?

As usual the resulting controversy has resulted in the lefties looking ridiculous again. Not only that, but they are in danger of losing some of their preferential treatment by the University. It seems that some of those rules that were enacted to insure that conservative points of view were stifled are coming back to bite them. Read the whole thing.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin’s great new site Hot Air. Check out her commentaries.

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