Marchers, al-Zarqawi Declare U.S. Defeated In Iraq

Any student of history knows that defeat occurs when one side loses the will to fight. This is what happened in Vietnam when the Democratic controlled Congress cut off funding for supporting the South, leading us to abandon millions to starvation and execution at the hands of the repressive Communist government. It happened again in Beirut in 1981 when again the Democrats in Congress pressured the Reagan White House to retreat and in 1993 President Clinton rushed headlong to abandon Somalia after expanding the mission without giving the troops the support they needed. It is a mantra of the Democratic Party in America that our commitment to other nations should not go any further than lip service. A thousand blustering threats but not one action.

Now the head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi joined by thousands of marchers in New York has declared that the United States is defeated in Iraq and should immediately withdraw so that those Iraqis who supported us can be massacred.

They are all very comfortable with the idea of the massacre of American allies. After all, they’re all Black or brown and don’t speak English. Many times since the start of the war, opponents have made the point that the Iraqis, and Arabs in general, are not sufficiently advanced to be able to handle democracy and should stay under the control of a brutal dictatorship of some kind. I take that to mean that they consider them somehow subhuman or “untermensch” and unworthy of our support.

They would like the world to know that they would probably be better off allying themselves with China or even Iran rather than the U.S.

While the Chinese and the Iranians are brutal, they’re much less judgmental and will stick with their allies even in tough times. The Democrats and protesters want it known positively that America will only stand by her allies in good times.

When things get rough, well..nice knowing you. We’re outta here. We’re gonna run home as fast as we can, and then make self-serving rationalizations about why it’s really your fault.

A lot of the war opponents say they don’t support the war because Iraq wasn’t a danger to the United States. They say they would fight if we were being invaded. But then many of the same people that claim this, will turn out on Monday in support of the invasion of illegal immigrants. I guess it depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

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