So, Give Her Job To Someone Else

Boycott steps up rights debate

Monday morning, Irma Magana will get up at 6, slip white T-shirts over the heads of her two young children and ready their banner for a rally in downtown Vancouver.

They won’t go to school. She won’t go to work. And she won’t spend her money on a single thing.

“That’s a way of supporting our people. I’ve explained to my children what this is about, and they understand,” says Magana, a 30-year-old Wal-Mart cashier who came from Mexico at age 4.

Sure, she has the right to skip work and keep her kids out of school. But I also support the right of her employer to fire her and hire someone else. I would also support the schools scheduling something critical for Monday and not allowing makeup for non-excused absences, and going to this march is not an excused absence.

You have the right to be stupid; but you also have a duty to pay the price.

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