Grandstanding and Vote Buying. It Must Be An Election Year

David Wu and Peter DeFazio are taking this election seriously. They are taking the traditional Democratic path of grandstanding and vote buying. With other people’s money, of course

They are using an obscure procedural maneuver to hold up an appropriation bill until they extract funds to pay welfare to fishermen that have been affected by the government’s measures to “protect” the salmon. (when Democrats do this it is “parliamentarian”; when Republicans do it it is called obstructionist)

So, are they against those efforts? Hell no.

They support those efforts too, and will proudly say so when they solicit votes from the groups that want to stop fishing all together.

So they want to stop everyone from fishing and protect the fishermen at the same time? That’s the government for you; first they break your legs and then they give you crutches; and tell you how lucky you are that they are looking out for you.

All on your dime, of course.

Funny thing; I have a co-worker that lives on the North Santiam River. His father-in-law is a fishing guide. He tells me that they’ve been having a lousy year because every fish they catch is a “native” salmon and has to be thrown back.

But, not to worry. The entire balance of nature can be managed by a building full of bureaucrats with a rule book. And if it can’t it’s only because they don’t have enough funding.

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