What’s The Harm? They Knew We Were Listening.

Times Reveals Enigma Codes” href=”http://www.tcsdaily.com/article.aspx?id=062906E”>TCS Daily – Times Reveals Enigma Codes

WASHINGTON (SatireNewsService) — Yesterday, September 11, 1943, the New York Times reported that allied cryptanalysts had been, for several years, decoding top-secret Axis war messages. The Times story revealed that thousands of code-breakers working in a suburb of London had broken Germany’s Enigma military codes. The vast operation, code-named “ULTRA”, had succeeded in regularly reading secret military orders broadcast through the German airwaves. In addition, the Times reported that American code-breakers, in an operation called “MAGIC”, had broken Imperial Japan’s highly secret military code. MAGIC reportedly had successfully intercepted thousands of secret war messages from the Japanese high command to forces in the field and at sea.

Every reporter is a potential enemy spy and should be treated accordingly, at least until they prove otherwise.

2 thoughts on “What’s The Harm? They Knew We Were Listening.

  1. Did MAGIC have its own website? SWIFT does.

    Did MAGIC have its own magazine? SWIFT does.

    Did they hold MAGIC trade shows? SWIFT does.

    Did the President refer to the existence of Magic literally hundreds of times between December 7, 1941 and VJ Day? While never explicitly naming it, the President referred to the program hundreds of times, starting less than a week after 9/11.

    Why aren’t we censuring him?

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