The War’s Over; We Lost » (FLASH) Instrument of Surrender Signed by SCOTUS

This morning, the United States of America signed the instrument of surrender with al Queda and all affiliated terror organizations. The signatories representing the United States were Anthony Kennedy, Steven Bryer, John Paul Stevens, Ruth Ginsburg and David Souter.

The reason for this unconditional surrender was that while the Supreme Court Justices “support the troops” and participate in drives to send old magazines to soldiers, they do not “Trust the Troops.”

Osama can come out of hiding now. He can even plan a triumphant tour of the U.S. He will be welcome at most colleges and would probably be given the key to the city in places like Portland, San Francisco and Berkeley. I’m sure they all consider him a hero there.

al Qaeda, the Iraqi “insurgents” and Islamic terrorists everywhere can rejoice in their victory over the “Great Satan”. Maybe Osama and Eric Lichtblau can do a joint tour speaking about how they defeated George W Bush and America.

I guess I’d better get a burqa for my wife. I’m sure it’s going to be required any day now. In the name of “diversity” of course.

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