“Conservationists” Sacrifice Your Money

Buyout will end Siskiyou grazing

GRANTS PASS — After three years of negotiations, ranchers and conservationists have agreed to terms of a buyout to get cattle off the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, which was created to protect the rare mix of plants found where the Siskiyou Mountains connect with the Cascade Range.

This sounds like something I can get behind. The ranchers getting paid for giving up their grazing rights and conservationist providing the cash. A win-win situation. But then you get to this paragraph.

Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., announced from Washington, D.C., that he plans to introduce a bill in July that would pay ranchers $814,200 if they agree to give up leases that allow about 500 cattle to graze on the monument.

The “conservationists” are not going to pay out of their pocket, they’re going to pay out of yours

That’s the way this environmental game is played. The “conservationists” talk about “sacrificing” to save the earth, but their willingness to “sacrifice” ends when you start talking about their money. They are willing to sacrifice everything you have to reach their goals, but will only make token payments themselves. This gets them bragging rights at cocktail parties and maybe even a prize from some group or another. Paid for with your money of course.

Some of them probably have summer homes in the area and are tired of having cattle intrude on their view. Remember, “A developer wants to build a house in the woods; a conservationist has a house in the woods”.

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