Maybe The Education Department Should Go Back To School

So the Oregon Department of Education screwed up again. This time it was by miscounting the black graduation rate. Last September they screwed up the test scores for six school districts.

Obviously the Dept of Education has a problem. They have people working there that are incompetent. But nothing will be done this time either.

Why? Because their employees have a Union and the Union protects them from being punished for f**king up. If you recall the State bureaucrats union helped save the job of the child welfare worker that sat reading a newspaper while a child was being murdered during a visitation that he was supposed to be supervising. So no one is going to as much as get a harsh word for screwing up counting. Counting isnít a skill needed to work for the State anyhow.

What this shows that whatever the Department of Education, and most likely any other State agency, tells you is probably wrong, their function is to provide safe jobs for incompetent people not accurate information on their area of responsibility.

So when they say that the graduation rate of blacks in Oregon is 57% instead of 25%, they’re probably wrong about that too. But now they can use that number to implement a program, employing the same incompetents that miscounted the first time, to raise the graduation rate. But all that will actually do is to give them an excuse to ask for an increased budget. That’s money in their pockets; that they can count.

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