You Know, That “Duty” Thing Is So…Demanding

There is nothing so simple that a government agency can’t f**k it up.

A Veterans Memorial in Las Angeles has the words “Beauty, Honor, Country emblazoned on the wall.

“Beauty Honor Country” or “Duty, Honor, Country” – Desecration at Veterans Memorial.

This is an obvious corruption of “Duty, Honor, Country” which was the subject of General Douglas MacArthur’s address to West Point Cadets in 1962. This is a historic and often-quoted speech.

Are we to believe that there was no one involved with this project that was familiar enough with the phrase (or the language) to spot this? Or was the whole concept too alien?

Of course, this was spotted by a politician and he is making a photo op out of it. I hope he makes a lot of people very uncomfortable.

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