“Global Warming” Solved.

Remember that “Global Warming” is the greatest menace to the world since Godzilla?

So why are all these national movers and shakers flying in to Aspen to wine and dine and be chauffered around in limos? I don’t suppose they got there on the Greyhound, do their Gulfstreams and Lear jets present a danger? If not, why does my SUV?

After Al Gore flew around the country to promote his “Global Warming” scare movie he jetted off to Cannes to accept his accolades for being so socially responsible. He says he is carbon neutral and therefore not part of the problem.

I figure that since I didn’t go to Cannes, don’t have a Gulfstream and have never been to Aspen, that I must be doing much more to fight “Global Warming” than Gore, Hollywood or any of the people visiting Aspen. So there is no reason for me to change my lifestyle in any way.

Problem solved.

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