Before Plame Was “Stolen Honor”

If you want a preview of Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame’s politically inspired lawsuit, you have to look no further that the suits against the makers of “Stolen Honor”.

Still Battling

A controversial documentary titled Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal, about Sen. John F. Kerry’s anti-Vietnam War activities in the 1970s that was released just before the 2004 presidential election sparked at least five politically charged lawsuits.

Now there’s only one.

In recent weeks, lawyers for the plaintiffs have dropped three libel suits brought by anti-war veterans who said they were falsely portrayed in the film made by journalist Carlton Sherwood.

Sherwood was also hit with a copyright infringement suit in New York that accused him of unfairly including clips from another film and photos from a book. But that case was dismissed last year.

Now the only remaining suit is a defamation and civil rights suit brought by Sherwood himself against Kerry and his Pennsylvania campaign manager, John Podesta, that accuses them of conspiring to stop the film from being shown.

They dropped the suit because they would have to be deposed under oath and been exposed as frauds. But in statements the attorney for the plaintiffs revealed that the lawsuits were not filed because of their merits, they were filed in order suppress criticism of John Kerry during the Presidential campaign.

But Beasley said Campbell decided to drop the suit because he had achieved many of his goals in bringing it by highlighting the controversy and persuading one area theater not to show it.

So the whole thing was not about being “falsely portrayed” it was about silencing critics of John Kerry.

These guys are just some small time bit players who were used by the Democrats to try to squelch criticism of their candidate. They have probably been well rewarded since I doubt if they could have afforded the legal fees otherwise.

Likewise with Joe and Val. They are bit players who are being used, willingly but still used, to attack the Bush administration. They also are being well rewarded with the attention they crave and probably some financial support as well, through a well laundered source of course. Maybe they will do well in cattle futures?

This is a pattern with the Democrats. Has anyone looked up Craig Livingstone and seen how he is doing? How about Kerry’s “band of brothers”? It would be interesting to follow all the money trails. But it will never happen because any reporter that did so would be ostracized from the journalist community.

Look for the same thing to happen with the Plame suit that happened with this one. They will make a lot of noise, the Kos kids and the MSM will make a lot of accusations, but when comes the time that they have to answer questions the suit will be dropped because it will have served its purpose of highlighting the (manufactured) controversy.

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