I’m Back

I had a nice visit with my daughter and grandkids. My granddaughter is a sweetie and her brother has his moments. I missed the 100 degree heat, it was in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s in Buffalo, but the 85% humidity made it pretty miserable. I suppose that “Global Warming” is to blame for this July like weather…in July.

I purposely did not read any news or blogs while I was on vacation so I am somewhat behind on the doings. From what I have heard, the usual people are whining about Israel and Lebanon. I guess some children’s bodies have been given prominent play on the news in such a way as to blame Israel. But you know what Hezbollah and Hamas call 7 year olds….body armor.

I did read the local paper while I was in Buffalo. They are having a trial of Union thugs there for acting in type and firebombing and attacking people they don’t like. No surprise, they really take their Unions seriously there.

Another story there was the gang rape of a 15 year old disabled girl by 4 teens. They not only gang raped her but violated her with a broom handle and videoed it on a camera phone and sent it to their friends. But predictably there are charges of racism. The girl is white and the rapists are black. Kind of like a Duke case in reverse.

I discovered that I will not be flying without noise canceling headphones again. I have a set that my son gave me, but I left them at home, along with my camcorder. But I did take my MP3 player and the camcorder power supply. I discovered that I cannot hear anything with the ordinary headphone due to the jet noise. Fortunately I did have my hearing aides with me. There’s a setting on them where they act like earphone, picking up the magnetic fields from the headphones and not the audio. But on the flight back I found out that they would also pick up the magnetic fields from the engines and electronics. It didn’t do that on the flight out so I don’t know what made the difference. So, no more flying without the noise canceling head phones.

We flew on a new ‘no-frills’ airline ‘America West’. It really is ‘no-frill’, on the 5 hour flight from Portland to Philadelphia, where we changed planes, they served me 1.5 cans of Coke. On the return flight they did accompany that with two bags of peanuts. (I had thought they had quit that due to allergy concerns). The flights were uneventful, which is the way you always want flights to be. It seems that the further east you get, the more security conscious they are. When I arrived in Buffalo I discovered that I had a 3 inch folding knife in my backpack. I had thought that I had taken it out before we left. I would say something to the security people at Portland Airport, but I remember a story about another passenger that had accidentally taken something through security that was arrested when he told them about it. Having dealt with government bureaucracies for most of my life I know that there is nothing that is as unforgivable as pointing out their failures, so I’ll just let it go.

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