This Used To Be Called Common Sense

But now it will get you charged with a hate crime. AskMom has a reality check for those who urge us not to “profile” Muslims as terrorists. Why was it that when Oklahoma City was bombed they didn’t waste time checking out the Black Panthers or the Chinese Tongs? They had as much to do with the bombing as the “militias”. Because they looked like the guys that actually did it. Profiling wasn’t a problem then, why now?

AskMom: Naming Rights

Weasel words in the newspapers don’t change the way ordinary people see things. When you worry about your husband’s plane being hijacked and flown into a building, knowing that screeners will do a politically correct search of someone’s Aunt Tilly doesn’t ease your mind. When your child isn’t allowed to say a Christian prayer before he eats his school lunch, but your tax dollars are paying for him to study Muslim prayers, you feel betrayed, not diversified, no matter how Katie Couric may lecture you about it.

While we allow radical leftists and their dupes to play games with our language, Jihadists are arming themselves and planning the next attacks. We can cut the crap now and get serious before the grief of a huge loss makes us insane and vicious. Or we can let the games go on until the rules get changed for us. If an American city goes up in a nuclear blast, do you think anyone will care about the “civil rights” of those suspected of pushing the button? If 100,000 Americans die from poisoned municipal water, will a distaste for “profiling” stop the authorities from rounding up and pummeling the truth out of every Islamist male they can find?

Names matter; teminology matters. I say we do whatever we have to do to stop these animals before they murder our children. I think that’s clear and I mean exactly what I’m saying. I hear plenty of other ordinary Americans say the same plain words.

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