The Lady Or The Tiger?

Neal Boortz gives a rundown of the options available for dealing the the Iranian Mullahs determination to develop nuclear weapons.

None of them are good, but which is the least bad and has a chance of working?


This whole “being the President” thing is just so easy, isn’t it? Why, George Bush could certainly handle the job if he just wasn’t so dumb, right?

OK …let’s consider Iran. In just a few paragraph here I’ll have you saying “Damn, I’m sure glad I’m not the one who has to make these decisions.”

First: Iran is working toward a nuclear bomb. I don’t care how many times Mahmoud Ahmadinejad talks about nuclear power plants for electricity, every sane person in this country knows that a nuclear weapon is his true goal.

Let’s spend just a few moments thinking of what happens when Iran gets the bomb. There are several scenarios. A nuclear strike on Israel is one, of course. Would the West retaliate? Perhaps. Remember, though … Ahmadinejad and his Islamic fascist pals don’t really care how many of their countrymen are killed in any retaliation. They way they look at it, they’re fighting and dying for Allah, and this guarantees their place in paradise. Kill infidels, or die trying to kill infidels. It make no difference. In their twisted vision of their religious duty, it’s all the same.

So … Iran makes a few nuclear weapons. They then use the porous border between the U.S. and Mexico to bring one of those bombs into the U.S. Perhaps in the well-shielded back of a minivan. They park the minivan in a garage of some ordinary house in an obscure neighborhood in some mid-sized American city. Then they conduct a nuclear test in Iran. Surprise! We have the bomb!

As the world is reacting to the Iranian nuclear test, some deranged Mullah steps up to the microphones to inform the world that there is a bomb just like the one they tested somewhere in the United States. There’s another in some Western European country. The world is then informed that both of these bombs will be detonated unless certain Islamic demands are met.

What demands? Well, let’s start with the removal of all U.S. and Western troops out of the Middle East. Then all Jews are told to leave Israel or face annihilation. The U.S. is told that if we dare to defend Israel, the bomb will be detonated. In short order the Islamic fascists have complete control over the entire Middle East. All moderate Arab governments will fall. The Persians of Iran will rule. All oil supplies to the Western world will be held hostage to Iranian demands.

Now … is there anything in this scenario thus far that you think is absurd? Can you not see things playing out pretty much this way? Sure, there are as many possibilities are there are people capable of dreaming them up. Any way you look at it, Iran with a nuclear bomb isn’t a warm and fuzzy thought.

So .. what do we do?

There are three main alternatives.

Diplomacy ?
Sanctions against Iran ?
Military action ?

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