Smokers Are Always Good Targets

Governor: Let’s raise smoking tax

OREGON CITY — Gov. Ted Kulongoski proposed increasing cigarette taxes by nearly 85 cents Monday to give health coverage to thousands of uninsured Oregon children.

It’s right from page 1 of the liberal handbook, raise the taxes of a group that is unpopular and can’t fight back.

It’s a variation on the “don’t tax you and don’t tax me, let’s tax the guy behind the tree” method.

Most smokers are not affluent, highly educated or organized, so they’re the perfect targets. Itís basically a tax on the poor and stupid.

I think it would probably provide an opportunity for al-Qaeda, who have been very active in the cigarette bootlegging business, to increase their presence in Oregon.

2 thoughts on “Smokers Are Always Good Targets

  1. I’m with you on this one. I’m not a smoker. My friends aren’t smokers. But this proposal is a bunch of hooey and should be sent back where it came from.

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