Kennedy Demands Outing Of Covert Sources

If there was ever any question that the Democrats want us to lose the war, both in Iraq and Afghanistan, their latest hijinks should put paid to that. First they had one of their political supporters violate security laws to leak a portion of the NIE from April, then, when the White House responded by declassifying a portion of it they respond by demanding the declassification of the entire document.

White House Refuses to Release Full NIE – NEWS –

For Democrats, the report furthers their argument that the 2003 Iraq invasion has inflamed anti-U.S. sentiments in the Muslim world and left the U.S. less safe. Democrats continued their push Wednesday for release of the rest of the report.

“The American people deserve the full story, not those parts of it that the Bush administration selects,” said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.

Of course doing this would reveal sources and methods leading to possible death for sources at the hands of al-Qaeda and the development of methods to combat our intelligence gathering.

They show that the concern they supposedly had over the “outing” of Valerie Plame, who wasn’t even a covert agent, was just a show they put on for political reasons. Now they think they see an method by which they can damage the President. That it might also result in harm to our intelligence gathering or result in the death of covert agents seems to carry no weight in this case. The name of the game is to “Get Bush” and if that helps Osama or Saddam they’re fine with that.

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