Another “Advocacy Study” ?

Studies call Klamath dam removal affordable

GRANTS PASS — Studies for a California state agency indicate that removing four hydroelectric dams from the Klamath River to help salmon would not be so expensive as feared because sediments built up behind the dams contain low levels of toxic leftovers from gold mining, farming and plywood manufacturing.

The studies for the California State Coastal Conservancy, filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, also found that only about 5 percent of the 21 million cubic yards of sediment trapped behind the dams would wash out and it all could be gone in one winter rainy season.

Let’s see if I understand this correctly. A group who supports removing the dams from the Klamath River does a “study” that, surprise, show that removing the dams would be feasible. Go figure.

But what affect will removing 4 hydroelectric dams have on the electrical market? Every summer California suffers through brownouts as it is. Is removing a clean renewable source of electricity a smart idea?

Notably the “study” doesn’t address that, it just confines itself to the question of sediment trapped behind the dam.

Removing the dams might be feasible, but not everything that is feasible is desirable.

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