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Apparently a Democrat prosecutor has leaked private phone conversations of a Rep woman candidate for state wide office to the media. So apparently it is OK for the government to listen in on phone call regarding a marital problem – and then publicize it during an election – but we cannot listen in on terrorists because that is a threat to privacy!???? Did someone slip dumb-dumb pills into the DNC water?? Gimme a break! Since when is it OK to monitor a political opponent and not an enemy combatant (but we cannot call them an ‘enemy combatant’!). We could weaken our protections so no more Democrats can run loose and monitor political opponents and leak classified material. Or we can just make sure the Dems never, ever, return to political power. At least with the latter solution we know people will still be trying to stop the terrorists instead of leaking personal details to the public.

Democrats just don’t like eavesdropping that doesn’t support their puroses. They can leak, eavesdrop or take direction from liberal lobbyists. It’s only when the shoe is on the other foot that they become concerned.

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