Talk About Burying The Lede.

The Denver Post reports that Bill Ritter, the Democrat candidate for governor, (you can always tell when they’re Democrats because the story doesn’t give his party until far down in the article, if at all.) plea bargained serious crimes by illegal immigrants down to a trespass charge so they could avoid deportation. – Deportations avoided via DA’s plea deals

The Denver district attorney’s office under gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter approved plea bargains that prevented the deportation of illegal and legal immigrants charged with drug, assault and other crimes.

The office allowed defendants to plead guilty to trespassing on agricultural land instead of the crimes they actually were accused of 152 times from 1998 through 2004. Other counties – Jefferson, Adams and Arapahoe – had only 75 convictions combined for the crime, according to court records.

So he was just helping out poor but honest immigrants who were struggling to make a life for themselves in the United States. Right? Not exactly. The real story doesn’t appear until the last part of the article. Presumably after the “jump” in the dead tree version where most people won’t read it.

In one case, a woman born in Mexico stabbed her husband in August 2002 and was charged with first-degree assault and menacing. She pleaded to the agricultural charge and received two years’ probation.

A 24-year-old man born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, was charged in 2004 with theft and pleaded guilty to the farm charge, according to documents filed in the case by the district attorney’s office. A note in the file said “refer to immigration.”

That apparently didn’t happen, because a few months later he was arrested in a gang-related drive-by shooting and charged with attempted murder. He remains in a Colorado prison with a parole hearing set for December.

Funny how the stories involving Democrats always seem to be downplayed. Kind of like a certain former Governor and current political rainmaker here in Oregon and his “affair” with a 14 year old neighbor girl.

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