Why The Election Will Be Closer Than It Appears

Don Surber knows why. The Democrats are a lot weaker than they would appear from the coverage by the MSM. I seem to remember this being the case for the last three elections. As I remember, in each election the MSM was out in front predicting victory for the Democrats. In 2002 they thought they were on solid ground because, traditionally, the party in power loses seats in off year elections. But that didn’t work out too well. Now they’re hoping that they can repeat the upset that brought the Republicans to power in 1994.

Maybe, maybe not.

Don Surber: NYT lies won’t save the Democrats

I know this because the editors at the New York Times are in panic mode, going in full-court press to try to boost the confidence of the Democratic faithful. I know this because Bill Clinton took a softball question and leaped on the couch of Chris Wallace to try to rally the troops.

I know this because Republicans made Americans more secure this week by passing 1. a tough border law 2. a tough interrogation law 3. a tough eavesdrop on al-Qaeda law.

In each case, most Democrats put the rights on non-U.S. citizens above the rights of Americans. Each time. They whined about making illegal aliens climb a fence. They whined about not handing over secrets in trials of POWs. They whined about not getting a warrant before tapping Osama bin Ladenís telephone.

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