If They Speak It At Home…

It’s not an “immersion” program. It’s an excuse to not teach the kids English.

School district adds Russian immersion

At the same time, students from low-income backgrounds — especially those with families who don’t speak English at home — stand to reap benefits from language immersion, among them, retention of their native language. Fortune said districts wrestle with how to hold onto the parent base that seeks out the language immersion while reaching out to the students most in need of the programs.

So, all the Spanish speaking kids take a Spanish “immersion” course, the Chinese speaking kids take a Chinese “immersion” course and the Russian speaking kids take the Russian “immersion” course.

It would seem to me that these would be the kids that would benefit most from learning in English. But I suppose that the English “immersion” course is only for kids that already speak English.

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