Global Boring

Climate change as moral challenge

Al Gore, the Paul Revere of world climate change, rode into Portland on Tuesday sounding the alarm on global warming.

He warned of rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers and dwindling wildlife habitat — all spurred by a ballooning burden of carbon dioxide spewed into the atmosphere by humans burning fossil fuel.

The event was something of a homecoming for Gore, drawing a near-capacity crowd to the Rose Garden’s 5,000-seat Theater of the Clouds. He received a standing ovation.

It seems that wherever Gore goes he attracts the fringe. Vegans and the like. The school principal kind of bothers me. There is the potential for him to expose his students to his decidedly odd beliefs. It appears that his ideas of global warming were formed more by the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” than by actual science.

But if sacrifice is needed then I would urge them to make whatever sacrifice that they think necessary. But the steps they recommend are kind of vague as are their expectations.

I think they would have better luck convincing people if they were to lay out what it is that they are proposing.

Exactly what do they want done, and how long will it take to stop and reverse global warming? There also needs to be a method of measuring the effectiveness of the measures taken. In other words, how long will it take and how will we know that we are winning?

If Gore doesn’t want Global Warming to be a political issue then he shouldn’t be proposing political solutions. But it appears to me that this pitch is just another attempt to prevent people from questioning his believes. If he wants it to be approached “scientifically” then he should welcome questions instead of trying to prevent them…That is the scientific method.

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