The “Victim” Card

It looks like the Democrats are betting on the “victim” card to help them in this and future elections. It’s a great trick. What they do is find someone sympathetic to them who is also a “victim” of some kind, or can be made to appear as one, and hide behind them.

They tried it with great success with Cindy Sheenan. Because her son died in Iraq she is held up as an exemplar of motherhood and cannot be criticized for anything she says. The same is true for the “Jersey Girls” the fact that they had family members die on 9/11 exempts them from any criticism. This way the Democrat can say anything they want without fear of contradiction because they just have Cindy or the Jersey Girls say it and then anyone who disagrees can be painted as attacking a victim. They can’t win the argument so they’re going to make sure that no one is allowed to argue.

They are doing the same with the Michael J. Fox commercials. They get him to do these commercials saying that Republicans are keeping him and other Parkinson patients from getting cures. The victim card worked as advertised this time too. I guess Rush Limbaugh said that Fox was either acting or wasn’t taking his medications when he made the commercials. This elicited a firestorm of criticism that resulted in Rush apologizing, kind of. But I really don’t understand why? Michael Fox admitted that when he testified before Congress he went off his medication to make his testimony more convincing. Why are we to believe that he didn’t this time?

The next figure that is going to be above criticism is going to be Barak Obama. He is falling back on the old Democrat standard, the “race” card. In his case there is a difference. His father was not an American black but Kenyan, which lends him a certain cachet among liberals. He doesn’t have as much baggage as a descendant of American slaves would have. But he is going to be just as untouchable as Cindy, the Jersey Girls and Michael J. Fox because he is black and, if anyone dares to criticize him, a victim. He doesn’t have the negatives that Hillary has neither does he have her connections. Which means that he will have to go along with the Kerry’s, Dean’s, Kennedy’s and other big Democrat hitters that do.

Just don’t say anything bad.

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