Jihad On Another Front

In any war the loser is the side which loses its will to fight.

In Vietnam the VC and NVA never won a significant military engagement. But we lost after our will to fight was undermined by groups at home.

As was illustrated by a famous exchange between Col. Harry Summers and North Vietnamese Col Tu in 1974.

When Harry told him, “You know, you never beat us on the battlefield,” Colonel Tu responded, “That may be so, but it is also irrelevant.”

It was irrelevant because we defeated ourselves. And now it is happening again.

One reason is because while we realize the value of propaganda, because it was through that front that we were defeated in Vietnam, we seem to be utterly powerless in that area.

The enemy, al-Qaeda among others, has recognized this weakness and developed methods of taking advantage of it. The recent publicizing of a captured al-Qaeda document “The Global Media: A Work Paper for Invading the US Media. which lays out the techniques they wish to use, many of which are the same techniques used back in the 1960’s to defeat us in that war. They suggested U.S. news media to air their anti-American propaganda videos, which CNN is evidently eager to do, and use academics and the “anti-war” groups to further undermine our will to continue.

In the latest effort groups like Moveon.org and other “liberal” organizations have combined to underwrite a group called “Appeal for Redress” which advertises itself as a “grassroots” military antiwar organization. But as Greyhawk of “Mudville Gazette” discovered, it is actually funded and controlled by people with connections to other better known groups.

Appeal for Redress: Astroturfing

What is going on is not a “grassroots” action. It is a fifth column group which is intended to assist al-Qaeda and the Iraqi “insurgents” to defeat us. They are using Iraq as a starting point but there can be no doubt that if we are defeated and withdraw from Iraq under duress, the next target will be Afghanistan. In fact, as Greyhawk found out in his checking that Jonathan Hutto, the “Navy Seaman based in Norfolk” has previously worked for Amnesty International and took part in antiwar protests prior to joining the Navy in 2004. This would lead me to believe that Mr. Hutto’s sudden desire to serve his country was probably for less than patriotic reasons.

This approach is effective because of the First Amendment. We can’t stop them from using propaganda to further their cause in the U.S. The media, CNN, the big networks, the Washington Post and the New York Time has decided that they would rather see America’s face pushed into the dirt than support an administration that they didn’t vote for.

That’s why we lost in Vietnam, lost in Iran, lost in Somalia and, if they get their wishes, lose in Iraq and Afghanistan. After that, it is just a matter of how fast we can run and how long it will take before they decide to come after us. In WWII the Nazis and Japanese had won the war. This only changed when America was rallied and decided to fight them. But in this war, if we quit, there will be no America to be rallied. We will have squandered our reputation for nothing and there will be no one to save us.

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