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Caught on Tape: James Brolin Touts 9/11 Conspiracy Website on ‘The View’ | NewsBusters.org

Brolin: “Hey, we’ve got to start wondering. We all used to hate each other, and you gotta start – I mean, we all used to get along. We were Americans. Now we’re split and arguing. So who’s fault is that, and what’s going wrong, and think about the issues.”

Obviously it’s the fault of Brolin and those like him who put their personal politics before winning the war. But just in case you might consider him a level headed, if misguided, patriot…

Then Brolin dropped the conspiracy bomb: “And for starters, can I tell you to have a look at www.911weknow.com? And then wait until I see you next time.”

911weknow.com is one of those conspiraziod websites for those who think that Bush planned the 911 attack.

I have a co-worker that used to work in the entertainment business. He tells me that the on-camera talent are largely empty heads with good hair and teeth. Brolin just proves his point.

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