The Victim Card

I am reminded once again of how holy the status of “victim” is in today’s society.

It seems like half the people that call us want to claim the mantle of “victim” even if it is irrelevant to their complaint. A young lady just called to report that she was receiving hang up phone calls. A minor complaint. But to boost her status of “victim” she had to make sure that I knew that she had a sick child. As if that would elevate her complaint over anyone else’s.

This is not something that happens occasionally. We have people making traffic complaints that are supposed to be more serious because “I had children in the car”, noise complaints that require immediate response because “my mother has cancer, and animal complaints that are important because “I’m a single mother”.

It seems that being an ordinary victim is not enough, now you have to be one of the protected minority. Vandalism is more serious if the victims are gay or minorities, whether or not there was any indication of bias in the crime. People make sure you know that they are women, single, sick, or a crime victim five years ago.

The thing is, it doesn’t really make a damn bit of difference. If there was a crime, there was a crime, and if there wasn’t, there wasn’t. Their status as being a member of a “victim” class, either imaginary or PC doesn’t affect the facts at all.

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