Damned If You Do

Trevino: Tears for the Devil

You know, from the comments and news reports on the Saddam execution you have to get the feeling that there was no trial and no sentence that would have garnered approval from these people.

I particularly like the one that claims that we have no moral right to interfere in other countries no matter how corrupt and brutal their governments.

Interesting. I guess that means we have no moral right to interfere with their environmental, labor, business or human rights practices. But the same people that are critical of us interfering with Saddam are the same people that complain we are not forcing other countries to comply with their concern of the day, be it labor or environmental.

As for the execution, they should have followed the example of the Nuremberg trials. The executions should have taken place without anyone other than the executioners and a few government officials in attendance and Saddam’s remains should have been cremated and disposed of secretly. Allowing his family to bury him in Ramadi with allow him to be used as a martyr and a rallying point for the Baathist “insurgents”. That kind of defeats the purpose of executing him.

The claims that Saddam’s execution is not going to stop the insurgency are true, but also irrelevant. There is no single act that is going to stop the insurgency. It is going to be a lot of small things that accumulate over time.

It is rather amusing that many of the same people that insist that the whole problem of Radical Islam would just go away if we captured or killed Osama.

That’s why it’s best to just ignore them. They’re going to whine no matter what.

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