Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money

If you don’t think your child is getting the education that they need, don’t look for the increase in funding promised by Governor Kulongoski to improve anything.

Bigger school budget won’t ease class sizes

Most of the hundreds of millions in new money that Gov. Ted Kulongoski has proposed for Oregon schools in the next two years will be swallowed by rising payroll and other costs and won’t reduce class sizes or restore programs, an analysis by The Oregonian shows.

Of the $750 million-plus increase in state support for schools that Kulongoski seeks, at least $500 million would go toward salary increases, rising employee health costs, pension contributions, rising enrollment and higher prices for supplies and services, the state projects.

The teachers plan to pocket the money and lobby for more.

You might get the feeling that there is no level of funding that would prove to be enough.

And you’d be right.

The Unions poured money and support into the campaigns of the Governor and Democrats. With that they have reaped the rewards. The Governorís office is firmly under Union control and they hope that with the Democrats winning control of the Legislature that they can translate that into a pipeline from the State Treasury straight to their bank accounts.

Accountability? Performance?

Forget it.

The most likely result of sagging test score will be a push to eliminate the testing. It’s easier to claim that you’re doing an outstanding job when no body can look at the results.

This will continue to be accompanied by the unceasing cries of poverty by the OEA who will still push for Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money.

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