In Case You Wondered What Became Of Dan Rather

Some stories are just too good to check, especially when it involves bashing Bush and Christians. Evidently no skepticism is warranted when the story has the correct elements.

They should have known to be particularly skeptical of anything put out by an environmental group since they are the 21st Century’s most powerful religion.

How Skeptic magazine was Duped by an Environmental Activist Group

Unfortunately, in our eagerness to find additional examples of the inappropriate intrusion of religion in American public life (as if we actually needed more), we accepted this claim by PEER without calling the National Park Service (NPS) or the Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) to check it. As a testimony to the quality of our readers, however, dozens immediately phoned both NPS and GCNP, only to discover that the claim is absolutely false.

This gives rise to the question of how many times have they done this before without getting caught?

I didn’t notice. Was the story written by Lucy Ramirez?

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