“Trickle Down” From Teacher’s Pockets?

Funny how, since the election of candidates that the teacher’s uniions poured money and support to were elected, every proposal for “reinvigoraing the economy” involves giving more money to the teachers.

Two economists, one paid for by the teachers union, agree that the best use of of funds is. to raise teacher’s salaries

But the Unions have made it clear that voters should not expect any increased performance for that money.

Hmm, when Reagan talked about “trickle down” economics all the “progressives laughed. But now they are saying that raising teachers salaries will benefit the high school dropouts that can’t find a job. Contrary to what the Democrats seem to thing, Oregon does not have a large pool of skilled and highly educated unemployed workers.

I guess raising teachers salaries will grow the economy by allowing teachers to hire more domestic servants and gardeners.That will be good for the “undocumented immigrant” community. But it’s not clear how it will benefit everyone else.

But it’s it amazing that an economist paid by the unions is willing to say exactly what they want him to. What are the chances of that?

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