Jobs Cut Won’t Be Coming Back To Oregon

Freightliner is cutting production in Portland laying off 800 Union workers.

The cuts are mainly because of new environmental regulations. No one has asked the workers whether they support having losing their jobs from the efforts of the environmental lobby.

For more than a year, U.S. truck manufacturers have braced for a drop in orders as new federal emissions standards kick in. The standards, which took effect Jan. 1, require diesel engines to churn out fewer pollutants.

But while the downturn due to new regulations is expected to only be temporary, the laid off workers will most likely not be coming back to work even then. That’s because the company has decided to build a new factory. Why couldn’t the laid off workers expect to get jobs there? Because it is going to be in Mexico.

“We have sufficient capacity at our factories in Cleveland, N.C., and Santiago Tianguistenco (Mexico) for the foreseeable future,” the company said in an e-mailed response to questions.

Last month, Freightliner announced plans to build a new 1-million-square-foot plant in northern Mexico by 2009, when it expects truck demand to jump again ahead of a new federal emissions deadline.

Why Mexico?

Two reasons. Labor laws and environmental regulations. They won’t have to worry about the UAW and Mexico doesn’t give a damn about ‘global warming”. Mexico might be corrupt, but they’re not going to cut their own throats for the sake of a bunch of rich spoiled environmentalists. Only Americans are that dumb.

This must be part of Governor Ted’s plans to revitalize Oregon’s economy.

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