Michael Yon Is Still Reporting From Iraq

There will be huge changes in Iraq this year. 2007 is truly “the year” for Iraq, for various reasons, including the upcoming elections in the United States. Barring an asteroid strike on some major city, the war in Iraq will be the most important topic in 2007. It will also be one of the most under-reported.

There are two types of media sources covering this war: the ones who are here, and those who are not. The media is Missing In Action, and reporting from afar. Yesterday, for instance, major media reported on an attack in a small village north of Mosul. None of those sources actually visited the village. I did.

I’ll bring home frontline information all year, or until something sends me home. Please support these dispatches by spreading the links.

Gee, reporting from places where you have actually been about events you have actually witnessed.

Could be the start of something.

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