White House Replies “Peter Who?”

DeFazio tells Bush ‘Pull back’ on Iran

DeFazio introduced a resolution earlier this month stating that if the Bush administration ever wants to send troops to Iran, it must seek congressional approval first. It was similar to a resolution he introduced last year when discussion about invading Iran first intensified.

Which failed then and will most likely fail now. Like most things my Congressman does it is just meaningless twaddle.

DeFazio has been pretty consistent in his insistence that whenever faced with a threat the U.S. should immediately offer unconditional surrender. It’s nice of him to try to reassure the Iranian mullahs that they are in no danger from the U.S. and can develop their nuclear weapons and send their agents to fight us in Iraq without a care.

He insists that he would support military action under the right conditions, but you would be forgiven if you thought that he would always find some reason that those conditions have not been met. Especially if the President is not a Democrat.

But it’s nice that Peter comes right out with his opposition to taking action against Iran. That is a position that will be judged by history.

He should remember that his pronouncements are no longer subject to being buried in a newspaper archive but are available on the Internet for all to read, even years later.

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