“Global Warming” Dissenter Gains Rare Hearing

Experts square off on climate change

The climate gurus of Oregon and Washington could hardly be further apart on the greatest climate and environment issue of our time: global warming.

Philip Mote, the state climatologist in Washington, is part of a University of Washington research group that is trying to prepare the region for the hard realities of human-caused global warming: shrinking mountain snow that leaves rivers short of precious summer flow, for example.

George Taylor, who heads the Oregon Climate Service, has a different view: It’s not clear humans are causing warming. The world has been warmer before, he says. Natural ups and downs have a bigger hand in temperatures than people do.

“Can we really control climate?” he asks. “I don’t think we can.”

This should be interesting. I wish we could be assured of getting some good honest reporting on the debate. But with most of the MSM editors being firmly wedded to “global warming” orthodoxy the chance of that is slim.

Governor Kulongoski isn’t taking any chances.

Taylor is not among the leading Oregon scientists, including Abbott, whom Gov. Ted Kulongoski asked to help develop a state strategy on climate change. The governor last week questioned whether Taylor can legitimately call himself state climatologist since the position is not officially authorized in state law.

You see what you get for not going along George?

If you sang the right tune you could be rolling in government grants, living on a country estate and being invited to all the right parties. But since you don’t see fit to agree with the science that all the politicians have agreed on you get bumpkis.

“Global warming” is the eugenics of the 21st Century. We all remember how badly those “science based” policies turned out. Don’t we?

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