If You Want To Change The Constitution, There Is A Way.

But this ain’t it.

Oregon bill seeks to bypass Electoral College

SALEM — Population-wise, Oregon is far overshadowed by its neighbors to the north and south.

But during recent presidential election years, candidates have tended to bypass staunchly blue California and Washington in favor of campaigning and advertising in Oregon.

That’s because Oregon is considered one of those magic swing states whose electoral votes are up for grabs, a definite second-tier electoral target after voter-rich states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio or Florida.

But Oregon’s status could change under a pending bill in the Legislature that would award the state’s seven electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote nationally, regardless of who wins the state.

This is a blatant attempt to do an end run around the Electoral College. The Electoral College method of electing Presidents was put in the Constitution to prevent larger states from overwhelming the smaller ones.

What this measure would do is to basically eliminate the votes of Oregon citizens in favor of a formula that they believe will keep power in the hands of the Democratic Party oligarchy.

It’s true that a few hundred votes in Florida or a few thousand votes in Ohio would have changed the results of the election. The same was true of the 1960 Presidential election. The change of about a thousand votes would have changed the outcome of that race too. But in 1960 the losing candidate refused to challenge the results even though there was evidence of vote fraud in key states.

But in 1960 Richard Nixon felt that the harm to the country that would result from his challenging of the election would outweigh any satisfaction he would get from winning.

That is a concern for the country that the Democrats have failed to display on almost every occasion since 2000. It doesn’t say much for them that they have shown less concern for the country than the arch-villain Nixon.

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