Talk About Burying A Story

The announced face off between a ‘global warming” believer and a skeptic, both with impeccable credentials, took place at OMSI.

How did it go?

We’ll never know from the O’s coverage.

Climate theories collide at OMSI

Philip Mote, Washington’s state climatologist and a climate researcher at the University of Washington, said the cause is unquestionably human: greenhouse gases from rapid burning of fossil fuels. He said models of Earth’s climate cannot explain the rising temperatures of recent decades any other way.

George Taylor, Oregon’s state climatologist and head of the Oregon Climate Service at Oregon State University, said that although human activities do influence climate, natural ups and downs drive it more forcefully than people do. He cited research on shifts in the sun’s intensity that could throw the globe into a minor ice age and variations in cosmic rays that influence the formation of clouds.

The only thing approaching detail that is presented in the story is the differing opinions on the melting of the glaciers.

Taylor said the glaciers of Glacier National Park were shrinking before any human effect appeared. However, Mote cited research by Portland State University that has found rapid and continuing declines in glaciers across the American West.

But has the melting increased with the glaciers increased in modern times? And if it has, how do we know it is human cause and is not due to increase solar activity, which has also been documented?

Every scientist that doesn’t toe the “global warming” line is accused of collusion with “industry”. They point to presentations that are partly funded by oil companies as proof of this.

But, if we are to take them at their word, all this proves is that scientists will support anything in return for enough remuneration. There is simply no reason, or any proof, that scientists that sing the ‘global warming’ hymn are any less affected by funding than those who donít. In most cases they receive funding and support from the environmental lobby and stand to rake in big bucks if only they can convince the government to open the taps on the treasury. Tell me that is not an incentive.

As was made clear in the O’s story, Dr. Mote has a lot of prestige and future income riding on “global warming”.

Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski pressed for regional caps on greenhouse gas emissions. And at the end of this week, an international panel of scientists is to release a new assessment of global warming’s effects.

Mote is a lead author of that report and part of a UW research group that concludes the human influence on climate is clear in the Northwest’s rising temperatures and earlier-melting mountain snows.

Dr Taylor doesn’t. He conspicuously refrains from climbing aboard the gravy train that so many scientists are determined to ride.

We have probably lost the battle over “global warming” for now. It’s difficult when so much of the media is determined to sell the story.

All we can do in try to insure that the scientists that are pushing this are scrutinized carefully and that they actually achieve the results they have promised. If not they will have much to answer for.

The other thing is to insure that the supporters of this are held to the same standards that they wish to require from others. Don’t sit on your country estate and tell the rest of us to sacrifice. Don’t tell me to ride the bus while you continue to drive your car. If riding the bus is necessary for me, it’s necessary for you. If it’s not convenient? Well, sacrifice is supposed to hurt isn’t it?

If the scientists and environmentalists try to exempt themselves from their own rules we will know that they whole thing is a rigged game.

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