Everything Old Is New Again

During the Clinton administration the Democrats sold access to the President and Vice-President in return for campaign contributions at White House “Coffees”. This practice, along with doing favors for big donors by allowing them to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom, arranging pardons and , in the case of China, arranging the sale of previously denied technology.

Then came the Republicans, who, although they preached the gospel of smaller government, increase spending dramatically.

In the 2006 election the Democrats squeaked out narrow majorities in the House and Senate largely on their furious condemnation of “corruption”.

That was then, but this is now. The new-found enthusiasm for clean government lasted just as long as the news cycle…about 24 hours.

Democrats Offer Up Chairmen For Donors – washingtonpost.com

Eager to shore up their fragile House and Senate majorities, congressional Democrats have enlisted their committee chairmen in an early blitz to bring millions of dollars into the party’s coffers, culminating in a late-March event featuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and 10 of the powerful panel chairs.

In the next 10 days alone, Democratic fundraisers will feature the chairmen of the House’s financial services panel and the House and Senate tax-writing committees. Senate Democrats also plan a fundraising reception during a major gathering of Native Americans in the capital Tuesday evening, an event hosted by lobbyists and the political action committee for tribal casinos, including those Jack Abramoff was paid to represent.

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