Wyden Chooses Between Party And Country

Ron Wyden is first and foremost a loyal Democrat. So when the Party leaders proposes a plan to insure an American defeat in Iraq there is no hesitance.

There never is. Ron is every bit as much a Party man as any member of the Politburo or Reichstag. When the leadership says “jump” he says “how high” and you don’t want to be anywhere around him when they say “shit.”

Wyden backs plan to limit combat role

They like to kid themselves that a defeat in Iraq would be only a defeat for Bush, but is would be a defeat for America. But it would not stop in Iraq. It will affect the situation in Afghanistan and other fronts in the GWOT, it will also affect our ability to project military force at all.

How willing will a country be to host our military when it will upset their Muslim population, draw al-Qaeda, and there is almost a certainty that the U.S. will abandon them if things get rough?

Why would our soldiers and Marines be willing to be put in precarious situations far away when they cannot trust their political leadership to support them?

The Democrats like to talk the “diplomacy” talk, but without a credible threat behind the velvet glove “diplomacy” is just empty words.

America got most of our reputation from our actions in WWII, Korea and events like the Berlin Airlift, where we stood strong in the face of adversity.. The “Greatest Generation” lived through the depression and won WWII but the generations since has more and more proved themselves incapable of living up to that reputation. We’ve been dining out on those accomplishments for fifty years but now it’s coming to an end. Selling out and slinking off in Iraq will put paid to the last vestiges of that.

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