Global Warming Vanquished!

The governors of five Western States have decided that they will take care of global warming themselves.

Oregon joins 4 states in greenhouse battle

Oregon will join four other Western states in setting limits on greenhouse gases produced by everything from the car you drive to the power plant that supplies your electricity.

This will, of course, raise the price of everything, but, by golly, you can afford it. Besides it’s important that we take care of this problem in Oregon without delay.

The governors said the West is especially vulnerable, as global warming leads to more severe droughts and wildfires; and earlier snowmelt, leaving less water in the heat of summer.

So when the rest of the country is suffering from scorching hot summers and battling wildfires, we will have temperatures neither above nor below normal and our countryside will not be plagued with wildfires. At least the part of the state that burned the last couple of years won’t anyhow.

We can glory in our abundant snowpacks and water while the rest of the country worries about droughts.

But the Governor doesn’t enlighten us as to when global warming is going to be vanquished. An oversight I’m sure. There must be a plan somewhere. They’re not just pulling this out of their asses, are they?

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