They Get The Gold Mine…We Get The Shaft

New library opens for six weeks only

Timber – Jackson County, one of many to lose federal money, hopes to pass a levy

Jackson County commissioners have said they must use money devoted to running the libraries to fill a $23 million hole in the budget left by the loss of federal timber payments.

You see, because the U.S. government owns most of the land in many counties but doesn’t pay property tax, they used to allow logging with the money going to the counties to replace the lost property tax revenue. But the environmentalists decided that logging was bad and worked for years to shut the logging down. This had an adverse affect on the economy of the timber counties and our politicians decided to take other people’s tax money and use it to buy forgiveness for ruining so many lives.

And it worked for a while.

But now the politicians have other interests. So they took the money they had promised to the timber counties and spent it on someone else. Just as they will with your Social Security other entitlements.

They were from the government and they promised help. Now you can understand the futility of trusting them on that.

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