And What Happens When The Economy Goes South Again?

Oh. That;s right. The Democrats are in charge now. That means the economy will never ever be bad again. Unless, of course, the Republicans regain control, in which case the economy will never be good again.

But that’s never going to happen.So they can just increase spending without a worry. If they come up short they can just threaten to cut the police or schools unless the citizens agree to a tax increase.

Wishing on a surplus, Portland City Council dreams big

Thanks to the rebounding economy, Portland government may soon expand to cover a range of new services the city’s founding fathers could never have imagined.

Yes, city workers will still police the streets, fight fires, mow park lawns, provide clean water and make dirty water clean.

But if City Council members and bureau managers get their way in ongoing budget talks, taxpayers also may find themselves training birth coaches for low-income women, building a day center for homeless people, paying for parenting classes for African American moms and dads, and offering career counseling to prostitutes trying to get off the street.

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