Amazing Editorial In The Portland Oregonian

Approve class-action reform

The real winners of the case were the lawyers who filed the class action against Blockbuster in Madison County, Ill., where courts are unusually sympathetic to this kind of claim. The lawyers split $9.25 million — which, despite the recent coupons, will show up one way or the other in the price we pay for videos in the future.
Trial lawyers successfully lobbied against the bill in the last Congress. Oregon’s four House Democrats voted against it in March. Republican Greg Walden voted for it. It’s in for rough sledding in the Senate because trial lawyers are a key Democratic constituency.
But it deserves passage and the Senate should overcome partisan considerations to approve it. The Class Action Fairness Act is a rational response to an abuse of the process that has been allowed to go on too long.
In fact, this fix should carry a late fee.

Usually the Oregonian can be found faithfully carrying water for Democrats, no matter how far to the left they get. In fact, the lefter the better. I guess they have to do something so they can point at it and say “Look, we went against the Democrats this time.
With the Democrats controlling the Senate, this bill has exactly zero chance of passage, so the Democrats have given permission for their mouthpieces to write disapproving columns to shore up their declining credibility.