What Do You Think Is Going To Happen When We Start Charging Our Electric Cars?

Northwest grid feels the heat

Last summer we almost ran out of power in the Northwest. It was because of high demand and limited supply. It’s limited because no one will build the power plants and transmission lines because of (usually) NIMBY concerns. Everybody wants the power but no one wants the generating plants. Environmental activists don’t want coal fired plants because of the pollution. They don’t want Natural Gas because of the transmission problems, they don’t want the transmission lines because they’re ugly; they don’t want nuclear because of the danger and want to tear down the hydroelectric dams to save fish. In fact they are against pretty much any kind of generating facility that doesn’t use Magic Pixie Dust and emits anything except Evian water.

At the same time they are telling us that we have to swear off fossil fuels because they’re unsustainable and cause Global Warming. To accomplish this they want us to change the method of powering our cars and trucks from gas to hydrogen or electricity. Electricity is needed to make the hydrogen or it can be used to directly power the cars. But in either case it must be provided by the generating plants that nobody wants.

So what do they think is going to happen when we start plugging in our electric cars? Where is all this magical nonpolluting power going to come from?

Magic Pixie Dust. It’s the only answer.


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