Jimmy Carter – History’s Greatest Monster

Jimmy Carter has been mouthing off about how GWB is a lousy President. Like he has room to talk. Some people actually remember those days. I was in the Army then and I cannot describe how low morale was. It was almost preferable that someone think we were Peruvian rather than American soldiers.

I was in Germany at the time of the Iranian revolution. I was with 5th Signal Command which at that time had some responsibility for the communications sites in Iran. We were really worried about our people and our classified equipment but couldn’t seem to get any sense of concern up the chain. A lot of classified equipment ended up being seized by the Iranians and later sold to the Russians and Chinese.

Carter has a lot to answer for. History is not going to be kind to him and history is going to judge GWB a lot better than the contemporary press. Kind of like Harry Truman.

American Thinker: Jimmy Carter Can Only Blame Himself

The aftermath of Jimmy Carter’s Iran policy debacle is still present today. The lives lost, as a result of his incompetence in dealing with Iran before, during and after the Islamic Revolution is far greater than the current turmoil in Iraq. Considering the support insurgents groups in Iraq as well as terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah get from Iran, Carter’s mistakes as President are still costing lives all over the Middle East.

Maybe it’s an Iranian supplied artillery shell used by Hezbollah to attack Israel. Or an Iraqi insurgent trained by Iran to make bombs. We must not forget the seemingly endless supply of suicide bombers in Osama Bin Laden’s, Al Qeada network. The fact is that these murderers and countless others like them exist today, not because George Bush made mistakes in Iraq, but because Jimmy Carter failed in Iran as well as turning U.S. foreign policy into a doormat for anyone to step on.

President Carter, if you want to place blame, just look in the mirror.

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